Design Tools News #43





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Design Tools News #43
By Roy  • Issue #43 • View online
Inspiration and bookmark managers. Calculate line-height for your baseline grid. And a few other nice resources rounding up the last 3 weeks of new and exciting things I discovered on the interwebz.

Savee — Save and share inspiration 5 — All-in-one bookmark manager
The good line-height
Uno Task — Just one sticky note for an iOS widget
The CMS Timeline of Webflow Features & Events
Reviving Design Tools Network
Ready for Pitch?
I’ve been using Pitch for about a year now, and it’s a really impressive piece of software made possible by a great team. The best thing: it keeps getting better every week! Be sure to keep an eye on them today ;)
We have something big to share. Mark your calendars! 📆
Look ma, no hands (because of RSI)!
😱 Josh Comeau coding hands-free out of necessity
Design Tools Survey 2020
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By Roy

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