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Design Tools News #35

Design Tools News #35
By Roy  • Issue #35 • View online
“Quality over quantity” — I got that message from two readers after the last issue. And it’s exactly what I aim to achieve with this newsletter. Providing a high quality curated digest on the best resources and latest news for digital designers and makers.
So, more quality? I’ve got so many cool things to share, and it’s a shame if I have to leave them out or postpone to next month. I already have the next issue mostly covered with content. And so I’m considering sending it out more frequently.
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Penbook for iPad — Note-taking like on paper, but better
Framer Web — An all new prototyping tool for teams
Entity Pro — The ultimate glyph finder for macOS
Blush — Illustrations for Everyone — Great open source SVG / CSS icon set
Geenes — Quick color scale generator
Veed — Online video editing made simple
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By Roy

A curated digest on the best resources and latest news for digital designers and makers.

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