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Design Tools News #34
By Roy  • Issue #34 • View online
I’m redoing my personal website at the moment, and ran into quite some fun tools and resources during the process. That’s what you’ll find in this edition, along with the usual discoveries in tools land.
I listen to a bunch of podcasts these days. They’re mostly science focused ones that deal with the topic we’re in the middle of. I love the recent editions of Science Vs, there are some good ones by Radiolab, and for the cyber security and privacy angle Cyber from Motherboard is great too. I tend to listen less to design podcasts for some reason, but there is a new one that I really enjoyed…

The CSS Podcast
Color Ninja — Color palette generator
LCH colors in CSS
CSS section separator generator
Darkroom — Video editing
blokdots — Prototype interactive hardware without a line of code
Type Foundry Directory
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By Roy

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