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Design Tools News #33
By Roy  • Issue #33 • View online
Wild times we’re living in. I hope you are all healthy and doing well. I’ll keep this intro short.
March felt like passing by in slow motion, also when looking at the long list of resources that I saved to my Pocket this month. Quick shoutout to the new iPadOS with cursor support that now works well with Webflow, the great new GitHub for iOS, and the really well-done Dribbble redesign. Apart from that, enjoy this rather packed edition with cool tools!
Stay healthy. 🚰🧼🤲

Glyphfinder — Every glyph at your fingertips
Rotato — From screen recording to 3D promo
Snapfont — Plugin to try fonts on live websites
Slides Auto-Animate
Sketch Tints — Color icons the easy way
Sketch Dark Mode Plugin
Figma Color Import — Just copy + paste…
Convert Adobe XD to Sketch
Webflow Symbols
Not a design tool, but relevant nonetheless
As many of you I’m also more-and-more (forced to) using conferencing tools. Here is a short list of tools I like and came across. Also, Zoom seems to be involved in some pretty nasty, questionable, and dodgy things. So, you might consider looking into an alternative.
Whereby — Easy video meetings
Jamm — Lightweight, spontaneous voice and video collaboration
Around — Video calls with more privacy and AI-powered audio
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By Roy

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