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Design Tools News #32

Design Tools News #32
By Roy  • Issue #32 • View online
That time of the month again! The latest curated news in the world of design tools for the month of February.
We’re getting to see more and more very cool Figma plugins these days. Other than that: some cute illustrations of people, stealing like an artist, and a utility to better understand the C in CSS.
Slightly related: The folks behind Basecamp are rethinking email (called HEY), and I saw some discussions on Twitter about email newsletters without tracking. I’m a big advocate of privacy (we use SimpleAnalytics for the Runner website) and was wondering what you value and think!
Give me your input: Do you prefer this newsletter to get rid of tracking? The service I use (Revue) does not support this out of the box, but it seems like they turned off tracking of opens and link clicks on request for some customers. I don’t really use this information anyway and don’t intend to either.
Please reply to this email if you care about this, and would want me to get rid of it. 🤖

Open Peeps — Hand-drawn illustration library
Color Theft — Color palettes from famous artists
Figma Design Lint — Find and fix errors in your designs
Figma LottieFiles — Animations for your designs
Brian Lovin
Just open-sourced a @figmadesign plugin to fetch and populate data from GitHub. The published plugin is private to our org, but hopefully the implementation is useful for anyone trying to build something similar 😊
CSS Specificity calculator by Polypane
Flawless joins the Abstract team
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By Roy

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