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By Roy

A curated digest on the best resources and latest news for digital designers and makers.

A curated digest on the best resources and latest news for digital designers and makers.

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The end of Design Tools News

Hey folks, I’ve decided to end this newsletter. 🥲While taking some time to evaluate on work and life late December, I noticed the lack of energy and motivation I had for keeping this side project going. Looking back at a couple of previous issues and placing …


Design Tools News #46

2020 is a wrap! Here is the last newsletter of the year with a couple of nice tools to boost your workflow and make you hit the ground running in 2021 :) I’m taking a short break for a bit, and catch you in a few weeks!Happy holidays ⛄ and stay healthy. ❤️— R…


Design Tools News #45

I’ve got s super busy last couple of weeks ahead, but did manage to squeeze out a short issue with some cool links! The collecting of resources never stops! I hope to send out another one before the end of the year. Enjoy!


Design Tools News #44

Hope you’re doing well! In this issue:Define a color set with ColorBox, copy text from images with TextSniper, set good font line-height directly in Figma, train machine learning algorithms with Lobe, use AI based image manipulation in Photoshop, a short docu…


Design Tools News #43

I’ve been using Pitch for about a year now, and it’s a really impressive piece of software made possible by a great team. The best thing: it keeps getting better every week! Be sure to keep an eye on them today ;)


Design Tools News #42

Floor plans: Unconventional use of a design tool?This is a great thread of people sharing their floor plans made in Figma. I’ve done this several times before as well to get a better sense of an apartment’s layout and see how my things fit in. I even used it …


Design Tools News #41

And lastly, a new native code editor for Mac! That could be interesting. Check it out… tomorrow 😉


Design Tools News #40

Hey there! We’re back with another Design Tools News, after taking a short and much needed summer break. I’ve gathered lots of resources again over the last weeks, and it seems like the news ramped up towards the end of August. So you can expect them again wi…


Design Tools News #39

Hey there! This issue features a great mobile UI component kit, a visual React component builder, an integrated editor for your writing, picking colors, and more colors!Design news is slow over the summer, so we’re going on a short break. Expect the next issu…


Design Tools News #38

Good day! In this edition:• Publish a static website the easy way• A sleek analog todo list system, • Better and creative video presentations• A portable soft-light for improved photo & video content• From design to code in a new tool• From Figma to publ…


Design Tools News #37

Apple’s yearly developers conference was last week, and it was for the first time completely online. There were some cool announcements like the switch to ARM processors for Mac, enabling a much smoother way to develop apps across all of Apple’s platforms in …


Design Tools News #36

You’ll get this newsletter now every 2 weeks! As I said last time, there’s so much quality content to share, that it’s a shame to have to wait until the end of each month. Enough people thought the same, so let’s try this little experiment.Enjoy!


Design Tools News #35

“Quality over quantity” — I got that message from two readers after the last issue. And it’s exactly what I aim to achieve with this newsletter. Providing a high quality curated digest on the best resources and latest news for digital designers and makers.So,…


Design Tools News #34

I’m redoing my personal website at the moment, and ran into quite some fun tools and resources during the process. That’s what you’ll find in this edition, along with the usual discoveries in tools land.I listen to a bunch of podcasts these days. They’re most…


Design Tools News #33

As many of you I’m also more-and-more (forced to) using conferencing tools. Here is a short list of tools I like and came across. Also, Zoom seems to be involved in some pretty nasty, questionable, and dodgy things. So, you might consider looking into an alte…


Design Tools News #32

That time of the month again! The latest curated news in the world of design tools for the month of February.We’re getting to see more and more very cool Figma plugins these days. Other than that: some cute illustrations of people, stealing like an artist, an…


Design Tools News #31

If you take a lot of screenshots on Mac, you need to check out Screenie 2, and maybe even Screenshot Hero for iOS. Play is a bold new tool to design iPhone apps on an iPhone. Get insight into the adoption of your Sketch design systems with Sleuth. New for Fig…


Design Tools News #30

The future for tools it bright. There’s so much competition now that you can just feel all the major teams pushing for innovation. Sketch shared their plans, and among the long awaited live collaboration, one thing that positively stood out to me is some sort…


Design Tools News #29

A bunch of different type of tool resources, plugins, kits, and beta announcements this time. Hope you enjoy it!


Design Tools News #28

A jam packed edition this time with loads of highly anticipated releases, plus some hidden gems and early versions of tools to keep an eye out for. I sorted them in sections this time, to make it easier to go through!